I cannot thank her enough!

Another fab session with Michelle and In Charge Training today. The first time Michelle met my American bulldog Busta he was aggressive with people and out of control. I cried my eyes out while he attacked Michelle (muzzled), she stood strong and let him get it out of his system and thankfully she returned!

From that day until now you could have made a documentary about the huge improvement in Busta, he is a happy, calm content dog now. People can touch him, his issues with cars have all but gone completely and walking him on the lead is a delight.

That first day I honestly thought my dog would have to be put to sleep, I was scared of what he could do to someone, Michelle has saved Busta and every day I put into practice the training she has given us with amazing results. 

Without Michelles help with not only Bustas issues but my own issues too God only knows what might have happened to my Busta -boo. I cannot thank her enough!!! xxx

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